Any tips or Pointers?

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Any tips or Pointers?

Postby Legion » 26 Aug 2012 22:18

Hey everybody, I'm sort of new here. I guess ill just get right into it then :D .

I heard about Lucid Dreaming a while back , and for about a week i was working on my dream recall while i was on vacation. And i think i had a mini lucid dream, not quite sure.. I was in a room i didn't recognize, and i went to meet my dream guide apparently, i knew his name was Paul before he introduced himself. But the minute i shook his hand my dream faded. I think it was semi - Lucid, possibly.

And to my problem, ever since then, (About 5 or so weeks ago? ) I haven't got anything close to it. I can remember my dreams on most mornings (Not a morning person :roll:) . I've basically been doing MILD's, or at least i think i am. I say to myself, Tonight, i will have a Lucid Dream, and after i say it the first time out loud, i repeat it in my head for a while.

Is this the correct way to go about it?

Thanks , Moi.

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