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Can someone please help me:(?

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 19:44
by Sneedon
I had been trying to learn how to control my dreams (have a lucid dream) I had learned some facts and tips tonight and I tried to have a lucid dream tonight but I was not hoping for much as I had learned it just tonight I then went to sleep, then I started dreaming. I dreamt that I was having a laugh and joking with some people that I knew, then all of a sudden I started feeling dizzy and I started to loose my vision everything started going blurry and the people that I was with stopped laughing, then I Shouted out I'm dreaming, at that point sharp tingles started to occur all over my body, and it were as if I was either starting to leave the ground or I was starting to leave my body, I then had a false awakening, followed by the sharp tingles again, then I woke up. Did I Have a lucid dream? Why did The sharp tingles all over my body occur? And if it were a lucid dream how can I improve it?

Re: Can someone please help me:(?

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 23:48
by torakrubik
If you realized you were dreaming IN the dream (just shouting it doesn't count), then yes you were lucid dreaming (regardless of how much control you had over it, if any). Sharp tingles could be your physical body in real life experiencing sleep paralysis, and you perhaps felt this as your sense of touch shifted momentarily into waking reality.

Next time, try to stabilize your dream. This article will explain how to do this: