Am I scratching the surface?

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Am I scratching the surface?

Postby moik » 28 Aug 2012 14:30

Hello people,

Last Thursday, while in bed before going to sleep, I was reading a book that had a small aside on lucid dreaming, along with a couple of basic techniques. I thought it was worth having a try, so did a couple of reality checks etc. and willed myself to dream.

Night 1:
I woke during a normal dream, and after recalling as much as I could, managed to re-enter the same dream situation. I immediately had some sense that I was dreaming, but before I could do anything with it I vividly heard my own voice laughing (as if on a recording, including that horrid feeling you get when you hear your voice and realise that you prefer how it sounds in your head); I then woke up.

I thought that that was a fairly promising start, so the next day I discovered this website and I've been doing reality checks every day since then and trying to improve my dream recall.

Night 2:
During a dream (near the start, I think) I had some self-awareness, and looking at my hands prompted knowledge that I was dreaming. I demanded clarity, but it didn't quite work as expected - colours became really vivid and bright, but my vision was reduced to a rectangle and all wavy (as if looking into a pool of water). I woke up almost straight away.

Night 3:
I dreamed that someone else was performing a reality check - as they moved their hands and looked at them, an orange rubber glove appeared on one of their hands. I knew that that was a 'dreaming' result, but I guess I just didn't connect it with myself, so it carried on as a normal dream.

Night 4:
Quite a long way into a dream I performed a couple of reality checks - I pushed my finger most of the way through my hand, and saw a number changing twice after looking back and forth. I jumped from foot to foot, saying something like "I did it, I did it". Then I realised I still didn't have clarity, so I demanded clarity, but everything just contracted into a purple blob and I woke up.

Night 5 (last night):
No unusual dreams.

So, am I on the right lines? Have I been scratching the surface, or have I just been dreaming about it?
Can anyone offer any specific advice for what I should focus on?

Many thanks in advance!

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