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New here

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 15:42
by samara
Hello fellow dreamers. I have been struggling to become lucid for a while now. I am reading anything I can find about the topic and following instructions to my best ability. Yet no success although I am not about to give up. I´ve had a couple of spontaneous LD´s in my life, far apart in time. One with a triple false awakening, resembling an OBE as I was repeatedly trying to enter my body which I could see lying in my bed and failing each time. This I thought was quite funny at the time although I did not know much about the subject and had therefore no preconceived ideas. I finally woke up laughing.

I have practiced meditation for years and the most curious thing happened during the first couple of years, my otherwise vivid and colorful dream life seem to slowly fade away. I have no explanation how or why this has happened, but now I´m determined to get my dreams back, so I can practice becoming lucid.

If anyone has experienced this, that is to loose dream recall from meditating, please let me know.