Are there ways to stop Lucid nightmares?

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Are there ways to stop Lucid nightmares?

Postby JohnyS » 30 Aug 2012 07:11

Hi , My name is john im brand new here and there are some things that are bothering me.
First of all i dont practice any lucid dreaming techniques or anything like that thing that led me here is searching google on what it is and how to stop it.
Basically for about last 2-3 months i keep having lucid nightmares and frankly i dont like it they always start with something random like being in snow as a child and searching for xmass presents that quickly escalates in me being old and somewhere in Africa seeing bad and evil things and they are always so vivid and real , im not a screemish person but some of the things i see in my nightmares freak me out.
Usually at the start when it is a dream i don't realize that im dreaming but as soon as it is starting to turn into a nightmare i realize it , i cant control my nightmares and there is something preventing me from waking up. and the things places and people i see never remind me of anything ive seen or been in , it is like ive been to those places and i know them but when i wake up i realize i have never been to them.
So does anyone know any tricks or ways to stop lucid nightmares?

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Re: Are there ways to stop Lucid nightmares?

Postby Omarsonic9 » 30 Aug 2012 21:16

If you DONT KNOW THAT YOU ARE DREAMING then its not a Lucid Nightmare, if you know that you are dreaming and you have nightmares then try controlling things! Practice in real life. Try fighting them, this is YOUR brain.
If all fails, try closing your eyes and demand "WAKE UP!" and then open it. Note: Dont ask me anymore things, i'm a beginner too, I still didnt have a lucid dream

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