hello i have some dstrange experience

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hello i have some dstrange experience

Postby Milcho » 02 Jul 2011 23:05

so first, HELLO! I am new in this forum , i am from Slovakia.
i was reading something about magic , and then i found something about lucid dream , so i was interested, i was telling to myself:" omg, that's awesome!" so i was looking for some stuff about that. So i already have dream journal,

and then it heppend, some strange dream:

i was in some strange corridor and i was doing there something, then i woke up (and it was still dream)
then i fell asleep again(in that dream) and i was in corridor again i looked in my hand, I HAD 7 FINGERS , so i told to myself: wooow lucid dream, so i changed everything , i was in forest and i was killing some strange samurais, then i woke up (still dream) and when i woke up i didn't recognize i am still dreaming, i was thniking i am awake.

Then , finnaly i woke up to the reality.

if you understood my strange experience can you explain me what it was?

thank you.

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