question from a 'bad sleeper'

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question from a 'bad sleeper'

Postby nightshiftsucks » 20 Sep 2012 10:48

Hey all,
I have only just started to look into lucid dreaming recently, and not for the cool matrix/inception side of it :P but rather as a means of me to work through issues i have within my shadow or subconscious. However i need a little help as im not a good sleeper and often don't have good REM sleep. Ive been a night shift worker for around 8 years now, and ever since this job ive found that when i wake up from sleep, it can be impossible to fall back to sleep, whether I've only had 3 hours or get a full 8 hours, once i wake thats it...sleep over :(
My understanding is that its best to have a lucid dream after you have woken from rem and are starting to fall back asleep like in the 90 minute technique. Ive been doing reality checks, kinda regularly through out the day but never really have that opportunity to test in dream. What would be a good technique for me to use? and would supplements help in this situation? oh yeah, unfortunately switching jobs is out of the question for the next 18 months.

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