Why? Just why?

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Why? Just why?

Postby Aldo98 » 29 Sep 2012 15:27

Today I had a weird… experience and I wanted to know why did that happen. So I was dreaming normally, not lucid, and I had a false awakening. Somehow I realized i was dreaming at the exact moment the false awakening occurred, and I did the Reality check. But just when I did it I woke up, really, I put my right index and middle finger in my left palm and my eyes just opened.

Is this a bad reaction? Does my subconscious not want me to lucid dream? I know it wasn't because I was gonna wake up anyway because it was Saturday and I woke up at 6:00 am when I normally wake up at 10. I'm confused.

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Re: Why? Just why?

Postby Peter » 29 Sep 2012 22:26

did u get a little excited at the thought of being lucid and ping yourself out of the dream?
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