This is for Rebecca

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This is for Rebecca

Postby nightflyt » 07 Jul 2011 04:49


You said something in another post that was in dream control. You were talking about placing an object in a dream in on night then the next night haveing or going back into your dream to the same alce and seeing if the object was still there. I had to stop and think after reading that and say that is really deep. That to me has put all of this lucid dreaming into a whole other perspective that i wuld have never thought of. It lets me know that i have only tapped the surface in my experiances. I am not saying it scared me but the WOW factor of that would be amazing. Ti have that much of control over you mind and dream worlds would blow my mind. I am still trying to "digest" what i read in that post but i am still a baby to lucid dreaming. Can i ask you something? How often do you lucid dream?

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