quick question! blackness after sleep paralysis?

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quick question! blackness after sleep paralysis?

Postby mitchjohnson52 » 22 Oct 2012 23:13

Hey guys! Ive been trying to complete a WILD for the last few nights. Every night i get further, and i think i mightve gotten there last night. I was listening to brainwave entrainment, completely relaxed, when i fwlt my body kind of tingling for awhile. Im guessing that was sleep paralysis? But anyways, a few minutes later of trying to create a dreamscape, i almost felt like i was shaking, and i had a weird intense feeling in my upper body. Its very hard to explain. I could feel my mind and body going very deep, which i think was transition? The feeling went away pretty soon and I wasnt sure what to think. Everything was black and I was tempted to open my eyes but I thought it might break all my progress. I fell asleep pretty soon after. Was i dreaming yet, did i need to open my eyes? Thanks in advance! Any answers help.

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Re: quick question! blackness after sleep paralysis?

Postby AngelXdv » 30 Oct 2012 20:51

I am not that sure... Either you should have opeed your eyes,either in thzt moment you shouldve try to create the dreamscene. What you are saying didnt hsppen to me so this is pure conclusion

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