Newbie just sharing

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Newbie just sharing

Postby damzel4 » 23 Oct 2012 02:17

kia ora! excuse the novel! I so thort i was the only one this happened to, i kid you not. I accidently posted on the wall (yes the wall not the private message option duh) of omg confessions about my dreams n me 2 scared to go bk 2 slp. A work mate of mine happened to read it (it was only up for about 15minutes before i realised what i did and deleted it) and introduced me to the world of astral travel. She showed me so much, taught me heaps and the rest i have googled and been amazed. (Thank you Katrina)

For years ive had these dreams where I'm aware that im in bed with my partner (who is sound asleep btw) but also of someone or something else in the room. when i first saw it standing over me next to my bed i was instantly paralyzed with fear, so scared unable to do anything or scream, i just closed my eyes shut as tight as i can and kept trying to move my body with all my might, anything to get out of paralysis. at the same time i can feel my body floating up while im trying to fight to stay in my body, feels like a game of tug and war with the shadow over my soul (but in my head i thort if i let my body go with it i must be dead so im constantly fighting to stay). Ive never opened my eyes in these dreams, as soon as i see the shadow I immediately go into fear mode & paralysis i do however always feel the sensations of floating and falling.

Ive only very recently started to lucid dream (didnt even know that was a thing until Katrina lol) My first lucid dream i woke up from a dream, nothing major i still kinda remember it, anyway i go to the toilet and while im there i realise i dont remember walking to the bathroom or turning on the light or pulling my pants down. i look down at my hands and legs and wonder if this is real but when i say to myself this isnt real i must be still dreaming i look up and the shadow is standing just outside the bathroom door (yes i usually pee with the door open in the middle of the night) im then frozen again this time on the toilet and then i fall down the wall onto the ground. i was then floating around someones house, first in the bathroom and then in the passageway floating towards the door. i dont rekonize the house at all, people were home but i never saw any. when i fight my way outta that one i wake up in my bed. im so grateful that im not paralysed i sit up. i then feel that my leg has pins and needles and something is just not right, again i immediately realise im still inside another dream, i look up to my bedroom door and see the shadow standing just outside the door, and then back into paralysis mode i go again. i feel my body floating again (eyes tightly shut) and when they cant take me i feel myself falling so far my arms and body can feel the wind. i eventually wake up and then dont sleep for another day and a half.

Lastnight. lucid dream again. After talking with Katrina this is the first time i have ever wanted it to happen. Fell asleep, had a dream, woke up to find i had fallen asleep on the ground of my passageway with the light on and i should get up and go to bed. i stand up and start walking down the passageway and realise no wait im alredi in bed this isnt real, as soon as i say that the light goes off and i start floating backwards and then upwards. i felt myself paralyzed again but only for a second or 2 coz i start repeating in my head, its alright, dont be scared, you want this to happen to see what this is. after floating upwards for only a few seconds i feel myself slowly going back down towards my body i then open my eyes and see the shadow is like up in the corner of my house, except not?! (if that makes sense.) i let my arms float uptowards him and we start getting closer to each other. when our hands touched i got an electric shock, i even heard it and then floated really high and it seems like im in space or something like it.

after a while i start to fall, but really slowly. its like im falling down a 100,000 storey building with no walls, floors or ceilings. looks like a kinda galaxy background and all i can make out are layers and layers like the floors of a building with pink & purple squiggly lines, straight lines, shapes, fuzzy things (i have no idea wot they are) i can hear a noise but cant make out what the heck it is and then a ginormis huge white light happened all around (i think i see a few circles in the middle) and not long after i wake up. even when i wake up its not a slow process (like usual) as soon as im able to, i wake right up and get outta bed.

Wowsers so good to get that out! Ooh question for anyone. i asked, googled and cant find anything about the electric shock i got when i touched the shadow. anyone know why?

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