Am I becoming less aware?

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Am I becoming less aware?

Postby theturtle » 28 Oct 2012 22:24

Since I've been trying to lucid dream I noticed something weird about yesterday. I was writing in my dream journal about how I was ecstatic to realize I did some simple math in a non-lucid dream which may have meant certain parts of my brain were starting to become active. How can I do math without logic and how did I have access to that kind of thinking in my dream?

Turns out I shouldn't have been so ecstatic. I calculated something correctly to see how far I could get if I ran away from home and walked ten hours a day for ten days at an average pace of 4 km/h.

While in a dream I calculated that 4*10*10=400. That was correct.

Later on in the dream I missed a train and wondered how long it would take me if I decided to walk the distance instead. I eventually made the incorrect calculation that 10*30 minutes = 6 hours.

Not only did I believe the absurdity in the dream but I went the entire next day not realizing that 10*0.5= 5 and not 6.

I started writing it in my dream journal and I wrote several times that I somehow got the right answer of 6 hours and even as I was writing it while awake I just assumed I had used correct math to begin with.

If I can be fooled by a dream even after it is over and I'm awake how can I possibly hope to avoid being fooled by it while I am dreaming?

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Re: Am I becoming less aware?

Postby lumencryster » 29 Oct 2012 07:36

i wouldn't worry about it, this method simply doesn't work well for you. i'd try different things, and don't get upset of you don't become lucid, it takes time and practice.

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