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deformed babies

Posted: 31 Oct 2012 08:31
by kweenie71
I find myself in the middle of a room... the walls were black... in front of me to the left and right are babies without arms and legs in, what I am assuming was my interpretation of, an iron lung... then to my right shoulder, different women kept coming into the room with different deformed babies... the women were crying saying, "please help".. they were rubbing their heads on my shoulder, crying... the babies all had some sort of deformation.. I couldn't move.. I just kept feeling sad and helpless.. the babies didn't scare me or make me feel disgusted.. I was sad and anxious... could someone help me try to figure this one out? thanks.....


Re: deformed babies

Posted: 01 Nov 2012 21:00
I have a book about dream interpretation, and this should not be considered gospel truth, but it may help.

It states: "If the baby is someone else's [not your own] in the dream, we need to be aware of that person's ability to be hurt, or that they may be innocent of something. Psychologically we are in touch with the innocent, curious side of ourselves, with the part which neither wants nor needs responsibility. Dreaming of a baby may indicate that, on a spiritual level, the dreamer has a need for a feeling of purity."

The fact that they are deformed is significant, but my guess is as good as yours. (actually your guess is better).