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Posted: 10 Nov 2012 01:43
by Crescentmoon33
Hi fellow dreamers!
So, the other night I was doing what I specialize in, which is randomly asking questions on the web! I stumbled upon this amazing ability (if you practice it, it is a skill or ability in my mind) and I got super excited. I've been searching for this kind of creative release for awhile and I'd been playing Sims 3 and writing and reading as an outlet. I had absolutely no idea you could realize you were dreaming and do whatever you wanted to! So I started researching and came upon you guys:) Basically I just wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions in this post. I guess I'll start with questions...
1) How often do you LD a week? Do you do it every night, or like twice a week or something?
2) What techniques work best for some of you?
3) Do you ever make a list of what you want to do when you dream? kinda like a bucket list, only for dreaming?
4) I have not yet had my first lucid dream as I was working on dream remembering for awhile, and just how vivid is LDs? Are they very detailed or just kinda vague? Or does it very?

I'll probably have more questions as I go along and the last one I want to ask is any advice for a newbie? Well, I guess that's it! Thx in advance to everyone^^

Re: Newbie!

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 16:39
by ShadowStar889
1)Twice a week. Been pretty consistent.
2)I don't really use techniques, I've been lucid dreaming since I was a small child. Back then I used the MILD technique, before I knew what it was called.
3)Yes, although the majority of those goals will never be accomplished. Your conscious mind doesn't work quite as well in a dream.
4)It's so detailed that it exactly or almost exactly resembles real life. You'll soon realize why it's so hard to awaken your consciousness because it's so realistic.

Advice: Lucid dreaming is different for everyone. You don't have to strictly follow a method on the site or anywhere else if you have something that works better for you.

Hope this helps! :D