Did i have my first lucid dream?

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Did i have my first lucid dream?

Postby JustWantToDream » 17 Dec 2012 17:34

Well last night was the first time i tried doing something new. From around 11pm to 12am i tried to draw Korra from Avatar: The Legend of Korra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_Korra). I actually drew the face, hair, and neck when i fell asleep. Then i had a dream that i walked into my Health Education class and literally shot streams of air out of my feet and hands and floating around the classroom (Air-Bending). Then i went back to the door and slammed my right foot down, rippled the classroom floor and huge rocks came out and i shot them through the windows (Earth-Bending). By this point, i could tell the class was annoyed so i jumped out of the window and make a tornado with fire in the middle of the field and that's when i woke up. I thought it was a normal dream but i was controlling the whole thing. Is that a lucid dream? :shock:

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Re: Did i have my first lucid dream?

Postby torakrubik » 17 Dec 2012 22:23

No, this was not a lucid dream. It is only lucid if you know that you are dreaming. The level of control you have is irrelevant.
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