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Think i had my first lucid dream

Posted: 22 Jul 2011 08:02
by zilvis89
One night ago i found this lucid dream topic which drew my attention , so i read lots of information about it that night.
Same night when i went to sleep i said to myself that i will not try this tonight then in the morning about 6 Am someone woke me up and i went back to sleep about 15 minutes later and i said to myself "Oh well , i'm so excited, i'll give it a try,i'll have a lucid dream".I closed my eyes and i felt a bit strange a minute later.I opened my eyes and i was lying on the bed in another room ,i knew this was a lucid dream and looked at my hands , they were deformed and i became very excited ,vision started to go black , but i looked at my hands and it was all good again.I put my hand through a wall and i was now really sure i was lucid.I decided to just take a walk in the house this time lol and when i went to my room it all went black i forgot about reality checks and woke up in my bed.This experience was chasing me all the time that day.And it was amazing that it worked the same night i found it!

So last night i tried to become lucid again , but when i went to bed and relaxed ,i started to feel my body heavier and my heart started pumping and i stopped.This happened to me at least 4 times that night and i always ended up stopping because i guess i couldn't relax enough.Then i did the WBTB and i guess i couldn't really concentrate enough after and only had like 6 regular dreams instead lol.

So my questions are:
1.Should i be more relaxed after feeling my body becoming heavier ? because i'm a bit scared of that sleep paralysis.
2.If my body ends up sleeping ,my mind doesn't ,i open my eyes and start seeing weird things ,how do i wake my body up?

Re: Think i had my first lucid dream

Posted: 22 Jul 2011 15:21
by rdubya
no need to be scared of sleep paralysis, you have been doing it your whole life. being scared of sleep paralysis is like being scared of running because sweat scares you. it is completely harmless, in fact, it is a defense mechanism.

about waking up, you need to think about moving your physical body and you will start to reconnect to it even if you are in a lucid dream. you can also close you eyes in the dream real tight, andopen them, that usually gets you to open your physical eyes.

Re: Think i had my first lucid dream

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 08:59
by zilvis89
Is it possible that this was a WILD?
I can remember closing my eyes,focusing on the darkness , feeling my body heavier (thought i didn't remember reading about WILD and sleep paralysis then, so i think i may have not noticed my numb body and that didn't bring any emotions) and suddenly opening my eyes in a dream and already knowing i'm in a dream without doing a reality check.

Re: Think i had my first lucid dream

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 10:26
by Peter
I think you were close to a WILD. They can be difficult as the LD entry can range from SP and very scary feelings to heaviness or floating feelings to a very gentle entrythat or you can miss the entry and just go to sleep