New and fascinated!

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New and fascinated!

Postby Lindsayldawe » 03 Jan 2013 22:13

I am not yet a lucid dreamer, but I am very interested in learning all about it and hopefully having many fun lucid dreams! I became fascinated just after the dream I had the other night. I was noticing that my dreams were becoming more detailed ever since I had my miscarriage a couple months ago. I blame it on the raging hormones from the failed pregnancy. Out of all the dreams I have had between then and now, the dream the other night tops all of them! Therefore, I found my eyes glued to this website.
I also found it strange that I had this amazing dream on 1-1-13. As if something is telling me to learn all I can for the new year. Like a new years resolution.
Unlike dreams I have had my whole life, the dream I had January 1st was very detailed and realistic. First of all I was able to wake up, know that I really enjoyed the dream and tell myself I want to go back to sleep and keep dreaming about it, then fall back asleep and go back right where I left off in the dream. Something I have NEVER been able to do before even after previous attempts.
Secondly, I saw in color. I also had a conversation with the people in the dream. Another thing I have never done. I recalled the dream soon after I woke up. I had coffee and got my kids up and was able to recall the dream again so that I could write it down in full detail.
I have read most everything on the website and purchased the Fast Track program. I am very excited to get started!
I would like to ask one question...When I think of Lucid Dreaming, the first thing that came to my mind was the movie What Dreams May Come...I am sure you've been asked this before, but is that what Lucid Dreaming is like? If so, bring it on!
So excited to started sharing my experience from scratch!

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