Eager to learn

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Eager to learn

Postby Richard » 04 Jan 2013 16:52

Hello, I am new here... I have (to my knowledge) never had a lucid dream..... yet....

I have, however, used reality triggers about 30-35 years ago. When I was 5 or 6 I used to wet my bed regularly until I figured out I did that when I dreamed about a toilet. I started to use a reality trigger when I went to the toilet, until I finally used the same checks when dreaming, woke up and went to the toilet. Nobody told me about doing this, I figured it out by myself :!: Just to think what I could have done back then if I had known about actual lucid dreaming....

In any case... I learned about lucid dreaming a couple of years ago, but didn't actually do anything about it.... This time I am serious, eager to learn all there is to know. I started my dream journal on my iphone a few days ago, and today got my first e-mail from the e-course.

I am looking forward to completely commit to this!

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