Hi all! I am new here!

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Hi all! I am new here!

Postby clown » 08 Jan 2013 08:04

My name is Darrek and recently found out about lucid dreaming and would like to have an experience on it. I subscibed to the 10 steps to lucid dreamjng course and I would like to ask some questions along the way to ensure that I'm doing the right things.

1. I've been trying some methods of lucid dreaming but always seem to fall asleep in non-lucid ones. One example that I did is incubation, but when I did all those, I couldn't sleep. However I would slowly lose focus in my mind and then fall asleep, like i'm forgetting about my intention to lucid dream. Am I doing it right? This leads to my 2nd question.

2. Should I be trying to lucid dream on my own? Or do I just follow the steps of the course and just go into non-lucid dreams for now?

3. For step 1, is there a minimum amount of dream recall that I should record each day? Sometimes the duration of my dreams differ each day.

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