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Back in Business?

Posted: 10 Jan 2013 19:53
by lodestar
Hi all!

Two days ago, I found an article concerning lucid dreaming that caught my attention. I knew what it was all about because I used to have lucid dreams when I was a kid (or something similar to them). I was able to know I was dreaming so I could wake up from a nightmare. At the beginning of my teenage years, I had a few control experiences. I remember that dream where I spontaneously became lucid while falling from the top of a rollercoaster. I modified the ground behavior so it would not hurt me, but instead deform itself like a trampoline. Then I began to travel by bouncing on the ground. I must say those dreams were not as vivid as people on this site suggest though.

This all stopped afterwards, and I had no other experiences for years. Until two nights ago, after reading that article. I was in a white place with some unknown people around me when something weird happened (I don’t remember what exactly). As I could not understand it, I told to myself “My dream: 1, me: 0”. Then it hit me: “I’m dreaming!” I kissed the girl who was next to me (lol) and I woke up.

Am I likely to have more of these now that I have a better idea of what they are? I’m not sure I want to provoke these dreams with techniques suggested on this site (I’m not that interested in these sleep paralysis things), but I sure would like these spontaneous dreaming realisations become more frequent!

This is a very nice site by the way :)

Re: Back in Business?

Posted: 10 Jan 2013 22:28
by Summerlander
For frequent spontaneous realisations, MILD is probably what you are looking for. You should also look into sensory amplification techniques in order to prolong and intensify your lucid stay in the dream world. The more aware you are of your senses and the perception of dream environments, in other words consciously aware in all things perceived (including what you try to perceive in expectation), the more impact the lucid experience will have and the longer the state.

Re: Back in Business?

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 16:11
by lodestar
Thank you for the answer! I read about MILD and will give it a try.

When I fall asleep, be it in my bed or in the bus, if often notice that my thoughts begin to be mixed up, they'll construct something from two or three other things that have no logical link between them. When I'm aware of this happening, is this what is called the hypnagogic state or is it not related at all? Can a LD be induced from that point?