Any tips?

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Any tips?

Postby disneylover » 17 Jan 2013 22:02

I've been trying the WILD technique since I read how to do it about 3 days ago, and a different form of it I learned a long time ago but I only tried that one a handful of times, and I can't seem to get it to work. I don't really have the memory to do reality checks, and I can't put real feeling into the 'am i dreaming?" part of it. The problem is, I can't seem to get it to work! I don't even get to the hypnagogic state. I start to see colors but then I get excited and it just goes away :/. I focus for a while but then my thoughts start to wander, but I bring myself back to it telling myself to focus and I visualize a dream again, but I always fall asleep before I cross over.

Any advice on how to cross over into the dream? Thanks in advance.

Additional info:

My best sense when visualizing is hearing. I can't seem to 'see' it very well. I get flashed images but it's hard to keep the picture. I imagine hearing sounds of a forest (where I want to start my LD) and then try to imagine grass underfoot and stuff.

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