I think it was close..and help!

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I think it was close..and help!

Postby clown » 17 Jan 2013 23:51

I've been trying to LD for about 3weeks and just today I think I might have done DILD but I'm nt very sure..I woke up in the middle of the night(I donno wat time is it) and I dreamt of a teacher that has done lucid dreaming as a teaching subject. My non-lucid self was trying to ask about LD to get more tips and pointers but I seemingly woke up. I remembered it and I just lay back to sleep thinking about that teacher. The next scene that I had is a whole piece of name card enlarged in front of me, with particulars of that teacher's contact. Is DILD something like this? Am I doin it right?

In the same night, I have this dream where I had sex with my roommate(I'll be honest) and I woke up due to the alarm clock (damn..) and I tried to go back into the dream scene but somehow won't work..anyone help?

more help that I need..RCs doesn't seem to occur in my dreaming mind even though I have done them since the past 3 weeks. Anyone can help?

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