Newbie here!

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Newbie here!

Postby Pihbell » 18 Jan 2013 05:02


I'm a 22 year old portuguese girl and I've always been interested in the dream world and all about it.
People always told me I had unusual dreams and very vivid ones, and were usually surprised with the fact that I remember so well my dreams, being that I can recall 2 or 3 drems in one night.
I would like to be able to have lucid dreams and after googling it I've found this website that I find really interesting and helpfull. I'm gonne try some techniques and check if they work with me - help appreciated! :D
Another thing, and maybe you can give me your opinion on this since I'm not fully aware of how it works, is the fact that I sometimes have premonitory dreams. But it's not about signs or seing something that sends me a message, it is almost seing the future since when things happenned it's like deja vu. The thing is, I never when I'm having premonitory dreams, I dream, take note as I always do, and then things happen exactly as in the dream! As this happened to anyone here? How can u tell when you're having premonitory dreams? How can u know about the time the action. sort of speak, will happen?
Well, thanks in advance!

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