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Hi. I have been having lucid dreams my whole life. I am 57. I studied to be a concert pianist and would memorize my piano sheet music while sleeping/dreaming. Also since I have been meditating and going thru hypnosis, I have extremely lucid dreams. I had to google my symptoms to find out actually what they are.My dreams are very vivid and in vivid color. I dream about the same house or trying to drive out of the ocean in my car. My dreams are not scary but vivid. I then wake up for a moment, sit up take a drink of water look at the clock and then go back to sleep and resume my dream. Sometimes when I am dreaming I know I am dreaming and I say to myself" this is just a dream". Which is true but I don't wake up for a while.This ability has been heightened since I was professionally hypnotised. I used to think I was crazy or having hallucinations until I did research and found out what I had. I also know from experience that certain vitamens enhance lucid dreaming. They are NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid and any other antioxidents.

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