10 steps,to lucid dreaming #2 dream siggns-- HELP!

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10 steps,to lucid dreaming #2 dream siggns-- HELP!

Postby luciddreamer49 » 28 Jan 2013 23:08

Hey!:) I'm reading the second of the ten steps to ld. I found out my most common dream sign is context, however it doesn't explain what to do for that, for example-
" Here’s one more example. Let’s say your most common dream sign comes from inner awareness (IA). Every time you feel extremely happy, sad, stressed, excited, drunk, in pain - or any other unusual perception, question your reality. Ask yourself: “Am I dreaming now?”"
It said what to do for inner awareness, what do I do for context?!?
Please help me!!

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Re: 10 steps,to lucid dreaming #2 dream siggns-- HELP!

Postby clown » 29 Jan 2013 03:00

I think context means to observe for any situation that seems impossible in the real world. (P.S I'm also someone who's dream signs are mostly consisting of context types), but I'm a beginner as well, and I haven't been successful in spotting dream signs(DS). My subconcious just perceive what I see in my dreams as real and possible and accept it. So I donno if I can ever work on this. But u can try and share it if its successful.

One example of context dream sign that I have is real monsters invading my neighborhood. Another one is I'm batman and I'm fighting for an invaded city. Needless to say, these are all impossible in real life, and that's what ure gonna spot for context DS. I hope I'm right and it helps.

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