I'm new but my first lucid experience was age 7

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Re: I'm new but my first lucid experience was age 7

Postby Hypnosnail » 16 Apr 2013 01:32

HAGART wrote:haven't seen Hypnosnail before... Ah! You just joined.

I'll use this opportunity to say, HI!

When people lucid dream all the time it become normal and like anything in life it becomes routine and boring. I've been there. Not 2 years! But a few days. I enjoy my non-lucid dreams too just to get a break or vacation from my usual waking self. But too much of that and I want to lucid dream again. I am never satisfied! (just human nature I suppose....)

And oh yea, whenever I grow tired of being lucid I can still just go with the flow...... (But only a few times in life. Not as much as you.)

Hello! Yeah, that 2 year stretch was kind of weird. Seems like the more I lucid dreamed, the more I'd keep doing it. I wonder if it has to do with having such an analytical mind. Even at a young age, I never accepted anything as, "That's just how it is."
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