Very Unusual Dream

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Very Unusual Dream

Postby Strongpolo » 01 Aug 2011 23:08

I'm A 15 year old beginner who is deeply into the world of lucid dreaming.
Last night, I experienced Feelings and sensations I've never felt in my entire life!

I was dreaming about school where I was in class and I had this booklet to write in for notes while the teacher was talking, The dream scene changed into my bedroom where I was sitting at my computer desk with the same booklet beside me. Suddenly I experienced something that felt very unusual... ( It was raining outside in the physical world and made lots of noise ) I was hearing this rain in my dream and my dream was beginning to collapse I then felt this strong sensation, I felt my physical body in bed laying down, I realized that I was dreaming from this sensation and it felt as if my "brain" got really hot! and I told my self to calm down so I do not wake my self. I began spinning in my dream because it was collapsing, ( The sensation I got from spinning was " I was feeling my self in bed laying down WHILE spinning around in my dream body").

The scene changed to my bedroom where I was sitting on my bed looking around... I knew that I was dreaming, The furniture in my bedroom are in the same place as in the physical world... But the mess was not. I decided to do a "Reality check" by putting my finger through my hand and it went through! I got up and walked out my bedroom door, I wanted to fly but for some reason I couldn't? I then went outside my house and went to my local store ( I didn't want to go there it seemed like my dream just took me there) I saw this woman, I told her " Your just a dream figure, Your really just me" She turned evil like a horror scene and suspense music played in the background, I said to my self " Don't think about monsters or they will pop up".

I ended up standing in my room facing my bed, still aware That I was dreaming, My vision was blurry on the left side and fuzzy, I decided to clap my hands a few times and I could only barely hear the first clap, the other claps were completely silent, I then began hearing the rain in the physical world again which I woke me up.
-Was this part just me experiencing the collapsing of a dream?

1) What what that sensation of my brain feeling hot/warm while realizing that I was dreaming?
2) In the last part with my vision going fuzzy and couldn't hear properly, was I experiencing the collapsing of my dream?
3) Why couldn't I fly when I walked out of my bedroom? I was lucid and aware... What stopped me?
4) When I told the woman that she was just a dream figure why did my dream turn into " A nightmare" type when I wasn't thinking of anything horror?
3) It also seemed a little bit choppy, I don't remember walking out of my house door, nor walking to my local store, Any reasons why?

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