I'm back...

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Re: I'm back...

Postby PrototypeTEGTA » 07 Mar 2013 20:46

It's a definite answer then- no. It hadn't to do anything with Lucid Dreaming of course. Lucid Dreaming can never be negative, at least I have no idea in mind right now on how it can't be positive. My lack of carefulness towards my health was a big player in causing the disease I had (I don't know it's name in English, sorry). So, it's the opposite way around, my disease caused the inability to Lucid Dream, or even allow me to remember regular dreams. I had these problems after the period I started LDing in. I had a long big break of life issues in general, and LDing in specificity for quite some time- one year to be approximate. And now I'm here, back to discover inner, rich worlds.
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