morphing in lucid dreams

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Re: morphing in lucid dreams

Postby Lucid Dreamer » 01 Apr 2013 02:11

Hello all! here is my report of my two recent lucid dreams! (just to let you know my journal writing is very informal because i wake up very early to write my dreams sometimes and i just can't write in any other way) I will sample you with a little exerpt from my dream journal telling you about my experience.

First one: I round a corner, and there is a bush there. Before i round the corner, i expect to see to see monk parakeets there, and voila, there are are about 3 monk parakeets there. I reach my finger out and it hops on. I stroke its back and give it a kiss on the beak. It kisses me back after. It gives me love kisses on my mouth area. it was so cute! Then i want to morph into a bird, so i can hang out with my parakeet friend, but also so i can explore the party. (i was in a ballroom area with a party going on). I sadly put the monk parakeet down and say, "dream, make me a parakeet please". nothing happens. I try to picture myself as a parakeet and try to fly like one, but again, nothing happens. I ask the dream again and nothing happens.

Also later on i try to walk up to a mirror picturing myself as animals trying to turn into them, but that doesn't work either.

Second one: I wanted to turn to water. i thought that going in already existing water would help. So i went into a murkey pond and layed in it back facing down. I just let my body go. I don't particularly remember doing anything special, like asking the dream to turn me into water or anything like that. So the top of my body, everything except my legs turn to water! I was afraid to move as if that would turn me back to myself.

so those were my dreams! i would love to hear feedback and opinions and everything! thank you guys!
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