Help A Noob! WILD

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Help A Noob! WILD

Postby DreamerMan99 » 02 Apr 2013 22:58

01 Apr 2013 18:14 
k here is the exact messaging from my journal -
Used WILD with ? success. I woke up to an alarm at 4 am, 5 hours after falling asleep. Took a pee, looked at some lucid dreaming forums (this total took 5 minutes) After I began to WILD by relaxing on my back, counting to 100 by 1 I am dreaming, 2 I am dreaming, ect. Everytime I would get to HI, it would feel like my eyelids are open under my eyelids, but no sleep paralysis yet. Also, I feel seperate from my body. At this time, I lost control of my breathing & blow it. That happened 3 times. On my 4th try, I sort of got my breathing under control & things got CRAZY. I felt like I was spinning in place (like being tethered and spun) and heard LOUD high & low frequency noises in my ears. I saw what I think was HI of patterns and dream scenes and aliens and such. I was amazed. I relaxed and enjoyed the show. After 3 minutes of this, it all stopped. I was confused. I thought I might be dreaming so I got up and did a reality check but I wasn't. Disapointed and tired I went to sleep. FAIL.

My questions-
Why can't I remember any dreams when I try doing WILD?
Was I at any point dreaming?
What did I do wrong?
When would sleep paralysis kick in?
How do I better relax my breathing (aka breathe without knowing) as in automatically.

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