Which technique is best for beginners?

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Which technique is best for beginners?

Postby Emily » 27 Aug 2011 01:28

^ What the title says.

I've always had excellent dream recall (in fact, it's odd for me NOT to dream), and every morning I usually remember 2+ dreams. I've heard the WBTB has the best results for those just starting out, but I've found so many versions of it I'm a bit doubtful as to which is best.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Which technique is best for beginners?

Postby Mewie » 27 Aug 2011 06:52

Hey and welcome!

I'm glad to hear about your amazing dream recall. You're going to use it many times. (of course)

Well, I'm pretty new too (I've tried 3 weeks), so I don't know for sure. But who knows? It's different from person to person, and only you can find the best technique! :D
But, like you says, the WBTB technique is great for beginners. MILD isn't bad either. Maybe you should try one of them? (or both - I'm using both)
Oh, and remember to do reality checks and (if you have time) meditation.

Good luck!
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