Sleep Paralysis

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Sleep Paralysis

Postby opkluu » 03 Sep 2011 03:06

So, I've been trying to Lucid Dream for a while, maybe a month or two...

Everytime I've tried, which is like, every day, or every other day, I've done the WILD technique. And I'm not completely sure that I enter SP.

I remember the first night I tried, I felt SP how it was described on the site, as a "lead blanket slowly being drapped over you" And, since it was my first time, I got pretty freaked out and exited it. Now, I feel a type of "sensation" falling over my body, but its not nearly as intense as I first remembered it. And, some times I've tested to see if it was actual SP, and tried to move my hands, or legs, and I could, very easily. So, I was wondering, is this SP, or someother type of stage of LDing?

Also, another question, is sometimes when I lie in bed, my eyes start twitching about randomly, is that good? Or should I stop and relax them?

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