Beginners should read this...

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Beginners should read this...

Postby Teh_Fuhrer » 19 Sep 2011 11:42

Ok I have been trying to do lucid dreams for a while now ( managed to get 2 ) but there was one thing i noticed that really impacted how often I got Lucid.

My conclusion... Video Games

I play Video Games alot, and i noticed that when i was dreaming I saw things that were really weird , and i mean i actually trained my brain to notice these dream signs but whenever i saw them i ignore it, thinking that im playing a video game. Here is one example...

Zombie chasing me
Zombie Bit me
I kill myself knowing that i will respawn.

Now i would never kill myself so my advice to beginners out there, who play alot of video games... Ease down how much time u play on the computer. Because it can possibly effect lucidity.

Well thats for me anyway. I hope this advice helps :D

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