Receiving a deluge of dream information

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Receiving a deluge of dream information

Postby timcal » 01 Oct 2011 16:45

Last night after affirming that I would become lucid, I had the following dream sequence. I was driving a convertible car with a female passenger in the front passenger seat. She had to duck down when we passed a stranger on the street. There was a elderly gentleman in the back seat. I was supposed to pick up someone that needed help, so I turned around and asked him to get out at a neighborhood store were I grew up. I saw a bike there that he was suppose to use to get home. I spun the front tire to make sure it worked. Then the strangest thing happened, as I looked at the spinning spokes of the wheel everything sped up, I now was receiving messages in the form of pictures, writing and numbers at a super fast rate. I now was becoming semi lucid and trying to absorb what was being presented. I started to focus on the all of the detail so that I would not come out of the dream. However, I could only stay in the dream a short while longer.

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