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What next after remembering my dreams

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 01:20
by timcal
I recently joined this forum and am actively pursuing on how to have more lucid dreams and OBEs. I am now retired and self sufficient so I can do the things I always wanted to but did not seem to have the time before. Throught out my life I could remember my dreams, fly on many occassions, and visit places and people that interested me. I learned that dreaming can be more than my own making, a guru in India I was following and visited there appeared in many dreams that were very real and allowed me to experience samandi at a very high vibrational level beyound name and form. He told me in an interview that in some of the dreams he was really there and others were just of my own making. What he told me next was that this waking state is also only a dream of the physical mind and senses and that through the process of purification one could transend the physical realm for good.
I found that gurus talk about this in a ethical and logical manner but leave alot of the details out. That is why I am now pursuing this approach also. What I am finding out through research is alot of people have paved the way on the how to do this part also. So I will contribute to the discussion from time to time. Just like meditation and yoga, this also needs to be practiced. I also look forward to reading about your experiences and the stories that your dreams tell.

Re: What next after remembering my dreams

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 08:05
by MiaSnow
Hi, congratulations on having the time now to really pursue lucid dreaming! You might have some luck waking up a little early, staying awake for a while (15-30 minutes or so), then laying back down & try to remain aware as you let your body fall back asleep. Naps are also an optimal time to experience lucidity. I can recommend reading Stephen LaBerge, Robert Moss, Robert Monroe, & a there's a good book called DO_OBE.

You might most easily be able to build on your previous experiences with the guru, by using your intention to meet him or another spiritual guide in your dreams again. You can decide that when you see a guru you will become lucid. Likewise, in your waking life if you see a guru on TV or on the street, you can ask yourself if you are dreaming.

Good luck, let us know how it's going!

Re: What next after remembering my dreams

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 20:34
by Worldenterer1
Reality checks, reality checks, and more reality checks!