Hi! New here, wanting to LD more!

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Hi! New here, wanting to LD more!

Postby MiaSnow » 21 Oct 2011 07:46

Hello. I'm reading the posts here & leaving some replies so I want to introduce myself. Just a novice lucid dreamer, coming here in hopes of embedding the LD concept further into my mind, & I like reading about others experiences. In the "Share Your LD" section of the forum, I posted 1 of my lucid dreams involving the spinning technique in case you are interested in reading it.

So far I can remember 4 or 5 lucid dreams. Each time they delight & surprise me. I really want to experience more, in part to know myself more fully, & in part just for the sheer excitement & freedom! I love to fly (my favorite way to go straight up is by doing the Superman!) Dreams are really important to me & I do not know many people who I can discuss them with, so it will be great to meet you guys here.

A little more info about my dreaming experiences... I still remember the 1st dream I ever remembered at the age of 5. I was so lucky to tell my father about it & have him show interest (he was actually a dream journal keeper!) I knew even then, that there was something really special about that dream. It was a real experience & it was definitely not an Earthly one! Through the years, some dreams just stick out like that for me. They feel like access to another realm, higher consciousness, an advanced wisdom, or something of the sort. I've had incubus dreams, visitations from the dead, dream classes, met guides/spirit animals, & other oddities in dreams which I think might be part of the lucid dream experience, because they are different than my regular dreams. My goal right now is to become lucid & look for guides, ask questions, explore, & cultivate consistency. I don't get too into the science or dogma behind it all. I mostly use my intuition. So I'm sure I can become more enlightened here, talking with you guys.

Lucid dreams!

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