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hello from livie!

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 02:41
by livierae12
hello dreamers! im livie, and i acutually did have an account on this forum befor, but i forgot my username, and im using a new e-mail. anyways, so im not so new, but i havent had a LD for a really long time, i think its mainly because i have been so busy with school, that i havent had the time to meditate, and study more on it. but i have befor had LD, and i had quite the amount of them. reasently i have watched a movie called INCEPTION, and it was the best movie ever, and i strongly recomend watching it if you like complicated movies about the mind, and dreams!

about me
im thirteen, and in middle school. started lucid dreaming as young as four, not really knowing what it exactly was until i saw an artical about lucid dreams about two years or so ago. and i found the website, and instanlty became interested! thanks so much for the awesome website, and cant wait to connect with people who share the intrest in dreams!! :D

Re: hello from livie!

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 00:16
by Rebecca
Hi Livie -- welcome back! :D

How did you induce lucid dreams when you were four, or did they just happen spontaneously?

I'm always interested to understand how young children lucid dream, so do tell me whatever you can remember from back then....

One friend said when she was little she could just go to sleep just thinking about her favorite place and the dream just started on its own (no break in consciousness).

Amazing, little children can WILD all on their own!

I hope you can elucidate for me as I didn't learn to lucid dream til I was 14 and it was a very different perspective by then. You have a head start 8-)

Re: hello from livie!

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 16:26
by livierae12
Hi Becca!
Im really glad i get to start up my intrest in lucid dreaming again! so i cant wait to discuss more with you!

when i talked about me being able to lucid dream when i was four, it was more of something that just happend, but not being introduced to what it really was. i remeber once in a dream i was at preschool, and i jumped off a play house, because i knew somehow that i could fly. and i did. as i got older, i knew i could control some of my dreams, but i didnt know the correct way or even the term for it.

i hope that answers your question! im also fasinated with childrens abilitys with there mind, and i think it really involves there extremly active imagination!

-livie ;)
p.s. please dont mind my bad spelling if there is any!