Nova Dreamer Mask booklet

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Nova Dreamer Mask booklet

Postby laurfrances » 09 Nov 2011 16:10

I have been trying for a long time to have success with lucid dreams. I have tried the Nova Dreamer Mask, DVD's (hypnotic suggestion) and a silent alarm. I sleep so deeply that nothing works. Does anyone else have the same problem? Today I picked up my Nova Dreamer Mask to try again, but saw that I do not have the instructional booklet needed to operate it. I tried to find one on ebay but had no success. Does anyone have any suggestions (where I can get one, etc.)?

I can recall my dreams, and keep a dream journal. I have had a few lucid dreams. I have also read books on lucid dreaming and have followed the programs (including the one from LaBerge's books).

I am new to this forum. Thank you so much for your help.

Lauren O'Neal

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