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Re: Introduction :) +question

Postby HAGART » 06 Jan 2012 23:47

I'm new and this is my first reply. This is my way of recalling dreams. I hope it helps.

WRITING a dream down and REMEMBERING a dream are two different things. They should be done separately.

The best way to remember all the details of a dream is to remain still in your bed just after waking. Sometimes I don't even open my eyes, and I can just 'feel' that I am awake. If you did change your body position after waking up, get back into the one you were in and close your eyes.

We almost always remember the final details of a dream. If you don't, and this can happen to me too, a full dream recall is pretty much impossible. But start with the final details. Remember them. Then think, how did I get there? Who was I with? How did I feel? Then work backwards like a detective trying to solve what they did during a drunken frat party the night before. Things should start flooding back. But they won't always be chronological. You'll remember one thing that reminds you of another. If you get stuck, ask yourself again how you got to that point. Don't dwell on specifics, and just let it flow. When you go back as far as you can and remember all you can. Start at the beginning. Now play it out from the beginning and THIS time try to remember the specifics. Think it out in your head to the end in chronological order.

Now you can get up, and since you replayed it while awake, it is fresh in your conscious, cognitive mind. It has now become a memory in waking life. At this point I take a pencil and paper (that I keep near my bed) and jot it down in note form. If someone speaks in your dream and you know it verbatim, write it down with quotation marks. Most of the time I have to paraphrase. Jot down the small details like that.

Now, with notes in hand, you can write your dream journal with maximum detail, fleshing out those notes into full paragraphs.
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