Intentionally Going Unconscious Into Lucidity

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Intentionally Going Unconscious Into Lucidity

Postby kzah1991 » 07 Dec 2017 17:44

My thought is that controlled hyperventilation in order to go unconscious into a conscious dream state (while laying down) could potentially be an effective way of entering into lucidity. Does anyone have any feedback concerning this?

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Re: Intentionally Going Unconscious Into Lucidity

Postby 24/7/365 » 08 Dec 2017 00:55

It's called an Astro Blast where I am from. Yes, it does work; atlast for me it did, at age 12 anyway. My cousin did it to me. I had what is referred to as an O.B.E. true story. Now a days, I like my equilibrium to much. 8-)

I read some where that a female tried getting dizzy to help with the so called exit. :lol:

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