Nightmares always make me lucid

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Nightmares always make me lucid

Postby MCA_der_Negus » 11 Jan 2019 14:50

I don't know when I had the last "normal" nightmare. Since I started with lucid dreaming, my dreams became more lively and I can remember them better. When I have a normal dream, I don't become lucid all the time but when I have a nightmare, 99 % of the time I know that I'm dreaming.

I don't really have control in a nightmare, but they don't scare me because I know that I'm dreaming. Mostly I recognize them even before anything scary happens. The breathing the atmosphere and the overall feeling is very different and mostly the same in every nightmare. I can immediately tell, ok, this is a nightmare and I mostly wake up then. I don't know how to describe it but sometimes it's like that the energy from the nightmare overcomes me and I start to fly or I get like an evil grin on my face? I don't think it's a paranormal thing of course. It's just interesting how different a nightmare can be in a lucid dream. Does someone have a similar experience like me?

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Re: Nightmares always make me lucid

Postby ggscrochet » 11 Jan 2019 20:17

I had a nightmare I was being chased by a dragon one time and when I realized I was dreaming a took the dragon for a ride and it washed scary anymore. Once you realize your dreaming try saying I'm dreaming or look at your hand it should make you able to control it.

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Re: Nightmares always make me lucid

Postby Kaylinn » 04 Feb 2019 00:14

Yes I definitly have similar experiences.
A lot of my lucid dreams start when having a nightmare. And since the time I started to try lucid dreaming I can also wake myself up while having a nightmare, mostly when it starts.
Maybe the fear is to overwhelming that we become lucid or can wake up. I really like that I can stop the nightmare, before I did lucid dreaming I had way to many nightmares that lasted a long time.
Once I was being chased by some old scary witch, I was running in a house, then I ran outside and she kept chasing me, and at one point I was like.. wait what, this is a dream. HA! Bye scary witch, and I flew away and started an amazing vivid flying lucid dream where I flew to the ocean and I can still remember it sparkling.😄
I think having a nightmare could also be some sort of dreamsign, or maybe the feeling you get when you have one.
Still I hope for more normal lucid dreams starting from normal dreams then from nightmares :P

Oh also, always always when I lay on my back I have a nightmare, so I always try to sleep on my side.

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