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dream recall

Postby Ianmc5 » 11 Feb 2019 14:41

ive been keeping a dream journal for about 2 months now and recently ive been remembering about 3 dreams a night. i even ate and tasted some thing for the first time in a dream :D (i cut up a candy person who was attacking me and i ate him). any way for the past couple days my dreams werent as vivid or wacky, and i could only remember like a couple seconds on one dream per night (and im still keeping a dream journal). am i doing something wrong? or is it normal to have some bad weeks like this dream wise? i appreciate any responce :)

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Re: dream recall

Postby erichsa » 11 Feb 2019 16:22

It is normal for me. I don't worry but let it go. If my diary shows to often "No recall" I will do gentle nagging Why?, do more viewing and reading. Could change my present mantra. All of that gently as force will not make me to recall my dreams. :)

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