Contenteo's Conceptual Model of Consciousness

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Re: Contenteo's Conceptual Model of Consciousness

Postby Ryan » 18 Feb 2012 18:54

Peter wrote:
So why don't just call it an IBE instead.

Great, now you are getting closer to what I like and that is we dont know and cant know an awful lot of things and all that really matters is getting on with the job of enjoying and exploring the various experiances in spite of what they are or are not

And THAT is the very point that Tom drives home in his TOE.

Don't believe anything. Believing means that you've given up looking for the truth.
Instead, just put everything that can't be verifiably proven in the "maybe" category until you have enough personal truths/evidence to jump to one side of the fence.

One has to be comfortable with the thought that "maybe you'll just never know".

lucidinthe sky wrote:But OBE as you say, remains primarily an experience for the experiencer. My belief is that all reality is experiential anyway, so any experiences are real and need no validation from another observer's perspective.

I see it all as a matter of perspective.
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