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Fake Memories in while trying to LD.

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 02:39
by LukeSosa
Sup everybody? Hi to all lucid dreamers. Well, I wouldn't call myself a lucid dreamer, because I don't actually perform anymore any of the techniques like WILD, MILD and stuff, you guys know. But the thing is I did use to practise some of them, and I still have some LDs and PLDs (Pre-Lucid Dreams), which are basically dreams with full lucidity but you're not aware that you're dreaming. Ok my point is: I can't get myself lucid while being on a PLD, usually I can just because everything is too wierd, but it's impossible now. A pre-lucid dream is defined as a kind of lucid dream, when the dreamer is not aware that it's dreaming and therefore though feeling the surrunding weirdness, accepts the dream as the actual reality and doesn't question it, this makes hard a lucid dream to occur. A very very weird or important, bizarre event must happen in order to let the dreamer realize he/she is dreaming. And what's wrong with me? I have like in-dream memories, fake memories. Like in the dream I remember doing something in the past of that dream-world/universe. This makes impossible realizing the dream is a dream, because it makes the bizarreness acceptable because in the dream "I always have known it like it is". That is very annoying and I've never heard of anyone that also has these "memories". Dammit I should go back to MILD. Advices or anything?
Thanks for reading.

Re: Fake Memories in while trying to LD.

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 21:41
by torakrubik
This is quite common - It's a mechanism your brain uses to help explain the weird stuff happening around you. For example, let's say in waking reality you were a mechanic, and your find yourself dreaming about being a doctor. When you question the validity of this, your brain will invent false memories and explanations (e.g. flashbacks of medical school, a job interview etc.) in order to convince you that this is real. For whatever reason, your subconsciousness tries hard to prevent the dreamer becoming lucid.

By the way you appear to have contradicted yourself in a few places. You say you have dreams with full lucidity but you are not aware you are dreaming...what exactly do you mean?

Re: Fake Memories in while trying to LD.

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 22:19
by LukeSosa
Yeah it sounds like a contradiction, English is not my primary language so sometimes I fail trying to express my thoughts. I meant there are dreams in which you feel everything as in the waking world (not just a normal dream) but you just don't know you're dreaming and your subcouncius controls the dream you, not you. Do you get me now?
And oh I didn't know that was common. Dammit human mind haha.

Re: Fake Memories in while trying to LD.

Posted: 03 Jun 2013 21:33
by torakrubik
Ah I think you're referring to those especially vivid dreams we all get now and again. It's quite hard to become lucid from these for the very reason that everything seems so realistic.

Re: Fake Memories in while trying to LD.

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 01:09
It goes to show that simply noticing strange occurances and common dream signs isn't always enough. As quickly as we notice them, we rationalize them. Even if it means creating a false memory!

I had a vivid dream in the past few weeks, and I was in a neighborhood that apparently I remember from when I was a child. But there is no such place! I get amnesia of who I am at times. But you have to be pre-lucid or almost lucid for that to happen, because in a normal dream I am in complete automatic mode and I don't even have the frame of mind to even ask questions.

Here's a lucid dream/false awakening I had that shows how easily we can fool ourselves and find 'rational' reasoning for things: I woke up and looked at my digital clock. It had weird symbols and no numbers on it. I assumed it must be malfunctioning and so looked at the plug. It was only half plugged in. (Made sense at the time, that's why it was all screwy). So I looked at the clock again and now it was blank. Why is that? I looked at the plug again and now it was on the floor. (Makes sense, there is no power.) How did it get unplugged? Then I notice my dog is sleeping on the floor. (Makes sense, he must have knocked it out when he was sleeping there.) Then three kids entered my room and I was embarrassed when they saw me in my underwear and I had to throw my blanket over me. They quickly left and I wondered, where are their parents? (They are down stairs at the party of course. False Memory). Now I thought, "I hope I'm dreaming." I saw a glass of water near my bed and I tried to move it without touching it. (That's a reality check I use often). It didn't budge; my reality check failed. I must be awake. But I still had doubt, so I looked at my hands. They looked normal except for one thing. They had drywall putty caked on them from when I was working on some home improvements on the walls yesterday. (False memory, but I did do that before, just not that day). That made sense too. But then I thought, "Wait a minute.... Why would I go to sleep without washing my hands?" FINALLY I FIGURED IT OUT! Then I tried making the water move again and it worked and helped verify it.

As fast as I was coming up with the questions, my subconscious was providing the answers. And you'd think I would know better after having many lucid dreams and false awakenings before this, but for some reason the 'this-is-real' switch gets flipped inside my head and it all seems to make sense at the time no matter how bizarre.