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Re: Mutual Lucidity

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Jun 2013 03:48

caboose131 wrote:crap :(, well there has to be someway or some technique to verify projections from real people.

Cause ones subconsciousness knows all you do and will often perform according to your expectations, the only way to verify a shared dream is to ask the person who was in your dream what they dreamed the same night (without giving them clues on what you were dreaming yourself). Shared dreams may be verified this way.

One thing Ive experienced with shared dreams was we shared the dream at exactly the same time and woke up from the same dream at the same moment, so I suggest if you have a dream in which you believe was truely a shared dream, to ring the person immediately to ask them what they dreamed. (if you dont do this right away, its very likely they will forget the dream or will never recall a dream as noone asked them what they just dreamed and asked them to think about it...most people do not care about dreams).

Note.. with my shared dream, I didnt pickup that the DC of the one I knew in it was real (it was not a LD but what seemed a normal dream thou was quite vivid and I remembered it more clearly then most). I only found out we'd had a shared dream when we woke up at the time and the other who'd I'd just had the dream about, started telling me about her nightmare she just had with me in it saving her. If she hadnt done that, I would of never known we both had the same dream (which I clearly had remembered too but would of not mentioned to her as I'd thought it was just a normal dream where I'd rescued this person.. we were both fortunate we both remembered the dream really well and could compare its details, where she was hit, the guys who were attacking her, the setting etc).

Looking back on the incident.. I think it was some kind of astral attack she'd had and in my dream state I'd gone OBE and helped her out. (I used to do astral work in other astral planes while OBE).

Unfortunately most people do not discuss their dreams with others and do not have good dream recall.
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