Does inspiration actually trigger lucidity?

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Does inspiration actually trigger lucidity?

Postby Dala374 » 19 Jun 2013 21:28

Inspiration plays an important role when it comes to lucid dreaming, but does it actually trigger lucidity?

A couple nights ago I watched a video or two about tropical forests just before I went to bed. I then had a lucid dream where a boy asked me to go with him into the forests, and we ran into the jungle. I didn't remember watching the videos, nor did I remember wanting to dream about forests, but my unconscious did. The videos acted as a kind of suggestion.

But if you get really happy and inspired from watching images/art/listening to music, would that actually trigger lucidity or just dream content?

And does daydreaming/fantasizing help lucid dreams? Because it seems like you would lose awareness while daydreaming, but at the same time you would be practicing visualization :|

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