What's the diffence between disturbing imagery / nightmare?

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Re: What's the diffence between disturbing imagery / nightma

Postby DreamerMan99 » 28 Jun 2013 03:49

mia wrote:Wow. Awful; awful.

You know, I find I feel much more emotional stress in my dreams if it involves animals being hurt, ( not as much for people). I think it's a feeling of their innocence ( innocent of human ugliness; you know, all those delightfully selfish and greedy human characteristics we all have) and the animals vulnerability to our ugly human endeavors, that makes it emotional for me, and therefore a nightmare.

I know what you mean.
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Animals are pretty innocent and when douches mess with them, id enjoy seeing them mauled by animals

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Re: What's the diffence between disturbing imagery / nightma

Postby HAGART » 28 Jun 2013 19:07

DreamerMan99 wrote:id enjoy seeing them mauled by animals

(not in real life, but on t.v.):
I saw a bull attack a matador once.... and I liked it! 8-)
It felt like the good guy won!
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Re: What's the diffence between disturbing imagery / nightma

Postby mia » 29 Jun 2013 00:29

I know what you mean Hagart.
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Re: What's the diffence between disturbing imagery / nightma

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Jun 2013 05:17

I rarely get imagery but one I still remember clearly in the catagory of disturing imagery was of a ladies face, crawling in ants. It wasnt scary thou, just disturbing and in a dark kind of way fascinating.. if I had to choose which imagery to enter into a LD from I would of choosen that one that night, just for the interest of it of why that ant covered face.

Another one which wasnt so disturbing was of a huge maggots face looking at me, half an arm length away from my own face. (its head was far bigger then my own). Those things are sooo ugly, it was repulsive.

The most disturbing dream imagery Ive had would have to be, deformed babies.. babies with broken bones, babies being bent backward so it looks like their backs are about to snap (real cringe material to see).

One can have an incredibly violent dream but it may not be a nightmare. I once due to holding so much inner anger towards my mother dreamed (I wasnt lucid) of murdering her. I bashed and bashed her head against a brick wall, shattering her head and brains, blood going everywhere. Feeling satification at what I was doing. I was only very disturbed by this dream only after I woke up in real life, remembering it in detail (so more of a nightmare only after I woke up!).

I think for something to be called a nightmare..there has to be a lot of fear there and it has to be a dream.. not just an HI. I cant remember the last nightmare I had thou I get a lot of bad dreams. (Ive had two dreams in the past few weeks of a huge tornado forming and being at risk of those.. but they arent bad enough dreams for me to call nightmares. I are scared in those dreams some thou and taking refuge from it).

Nightmare.. a dream in which I will be paralysed in fear, crying in fear, screaming in fear or shaking in fear during it... an intense emotional dream. An uncontrolled LD could easily become a nightmare if a person allowed it to be.
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