Sleep cycle questions

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Sleep cycle questions

Postby Thinker » 10 Sep 2013 16:32

1º If the duration of sleep cycles are potentially different in every person and several techniques need that you wake in REM, is possible to think that the technique doesn't work because we did not wake in REM. We should experiment and discover when are our REM states and then do the techniques?

2º If when we normally wake up, we wake up at the last cycle of sleep, and every cycle ends with REM, so, why when we wake up don't remenber our dream ?We just wake up from one at REM. I'm suposing when we wake up in the middle of REM we will always remember the dream. Or we don't wake up in the middle of REM, we go from REM to wake? Still, we shouldn't remember anyways?

Thank you all

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