Dream Anchor Reliability Problem

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Dream Anchor Reliability Problem

Postby Jacob46719 » 12 Sep 2013 19:35

In my latest lucid dream, I felt myself starting to wake up, so I spun around, but I found that I had to continuously spin for a while just to keep the dream intact. After like 30 seconds, I finally anchored the dream enough to restabilize, but then it suddenly because a non-lucid dream. -___________________-
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Re: Dream Anchor Reliability Problem

Postby tea » 13 Sep 2013 07:50

oh well.. this sucks.

maybe you should try a different stabilization method - spinning around seems to cause some side effects most of the time.

next time, try focusing on an object. like, get really close and examine it and it's details. this works great for me!
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