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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby corn55 » 25 Oct 2013 07:33

I'm new here so I'm not exactly sure how this whole thing works but I have a very very important question that no one can seem to give me an answer to and I was hoping you could help me!
Like 95% of the time when I'm dreaming it's like a lucid dream, I know its a dream and blah blah whatever. I can control what I'm doing and nothing else. But when I have my dreams I can actually feel them and they're so real that I doubt myself a lot both in dreams and reality, I'm constantly questioning "Am I dreaming or is this real?" And the dreams will give me real physical pain!? Once, a few years ago, a had a dream that I had fallen off of a very tall building and as soon as I hit the bottom I was screaming bloody murder because every single piece of my body hurt like I'd just been crushed. It hurt so bad that I couldn't move, I vomited on myself twice and I stayed out of school for two days because the pain was so bad that if I tried to move I would pass out and a lot of my limbs wouldn't move at all no matter how hard I tried. Another time, I had a dream that I was walking through the woods and a man grabbed me and he bit down on my neck really hard and when I woke up the spot where he had bitten me ached like in the actual shape of a bite mark. These dreams are very VERY scary and they're so real it's unbelievable. I can feel, touch, hear, see and smell everything that's going on and it's so bad that I can't even tell the difference any more. Just now, about 40 minutes ago, I think I woke up from what I'm assuming can only be a dream. But it was so real that I think it might have actually been real, like I really do. I was laying in bed and I heard rustling on the other side of the bed and I ignored it thinking it was probably my laptop charger sliding off the edge of the bed or something but then I heard a really low and dark and kind of like, raspy laugh right next to my ear and I freeze up. At this point I'm terrified and I'm closing my eyes really tight thinking to myself "oh god please let this not be real please don't let this happen go away go away go away" and after about a minute of doing that I loosen up a little because I think he's gone but then I feel hot, wet breathing on my neck and I tense up again and then it wraps it's arm around me and it's holding me really tight. His skin is warm and damp like he's sweating and he's so bony and disgusting and I could smell his breath and it smelled like rotten meat and i could feel him breathing and it made me so sick to my stomach that I threw up in my mouth multiple times. He's so close to me I can feel his chest rise and his sweat is making my shirt damp, I'm so scared I start screaming and I know that I'm really real life screaming because I can feel it coming out of my throat and I know I'm wide awake I'm screaming for my mom to please help me please come help me but she doesn't come because she's sleeping so I laid there crying for a good 20 minutes while this skinny sweaty dead smelling disgusting thing holds me close to him and breathes down my neck and I'm crying so loud and the only reason it stopped was because my dog opened my door and I guess it "woke me up" but I have wet spots on my shirt where his chest and arms were pressing against me and my throat is sore from screaming and my eyes are puffy from crying. I want to believe it's a dream but I'm scared it might not be? I know it sounds stupid but it's so real. All of my dreams are like this, why? Please can someone help me, I've been wondering this for years and no one can give me an answer, it's awful and it keeps me from doing things I need help! Please, please help me! These are scary and painful and everyone else blows me off like what I'm saying is a joke! :cry:

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby bluebishop » 28 Oct 2013 17:26

Hello Rebecca and Daniel,

My question is in bold below. I started lucid dreaming to have a few very personal questions answered from the awareness behind the dream. I have been trying to do this since January 2013 and a couple of weeks ago I finally was able to speak to the awareness.

Shortly after realizing I was dreaming, I walked up a hill and shouted, “Lucid dreamscape!?” A voice boomed back, “Yes. What would you like?”

I started by saying, “Does…”

The voice cut me off and said, “Yes.”

“Does <insert the rest of my very personal question here>?” Again, I heard, “Yes.” I slowly began to wake up. The answer of yes to my question was the answer I was hoping to hear, but I did not think it was the case. That being said, I did mean to ask the question that I did. It kind of just came out of me. Personally I wanted other questions answered first. As of right now, I have no way of verifying the truth of the response.

I have not been able to have a profound lucid dream like this since, if only because school has been way more stressful than usual this term. My question is as follows: Even though I already thought the answer would have been no, is it possible that I was hearing only what I wanted to hear? Or does the awareness behind the dream only tell you the truth?

Thank you for any help you may provide,
Bluebishop, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby Kayachlata » 29 Oct 2013 03:02

I've had two dreams where I achieved Lucidity and in both of them I used my new "powers" to change something. I would wake up soon after though even though I did not feel too excited or try to wake up.
How can I better stabilize my dream and keep myself asleep while maintaining control?

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby mondmadlin » 29 Oct 2013 06:58


Two days ago I first ever tried lucid dreaming via the MILD technique, it immadiately worked on the first night, over one yearI couldnt remind any dreams, back in the past I could remind every dream and as a child I also were able to lucid dream, I wanted to try it again, the first time I quickly became non-lucid out of excitement, but the next night I couldn't even remind one dream.... So I tried next one again... And again not even a normal dream stayed in my mind, I do around 50 reality checks per day, I try to meditate and I began to write a dream journal, in the evening I visualize my dream scene and an object that is meant to remind me of dreaming, often during the day I ask myself if I am dreaming and tell myself that I will have a lucid dream tonight, but somehow nothing happens anymore :(

I had trouble sleeping the last two nights because I wasn't really tired, I often woke up, tried to sleep but I only fell in a somehow light state of sleep...

Is it possible it has something to do that I go to school?

I really don't understand it so I ask for help :-(

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby samzen06 » 29 Oct 2013 13:34

hi there

I have been able to use and understand lucid dreams. I have created everything I can think of in a lucid dream to the point I cant think of anything else I can do or learn from. I started about 5 years ago to naturally go into non-lucid dreams and when it was interesting and different, I then become lucid. I have noticed however over the years my dreams becoming ever more sparse with fewer and fewer things in them. I was wondering what do I need to do in order for my dreams to become full of action again?

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby cantsleep » 30 Oct 2013 03:15

Been having semi lucid dreams for a while (Maybe one or two experiences where I've had complete control) even though I had no intentions of doing it at all. I have never really tried to lucid dream, but I have had many related experiences. Almost every night I doze off and pass though different things that lead me into something kind of like lucid dreaming with no intention of it actually happening, this includes ignoring an itch or not moving at all. I found, though, when I'm overly tired and almost asleep, I think of something, and whatever I think of first I will dream about. I usually think of something stupid and I wont want to dream about it, so I attempt to wake myself up within the first second or two of that dream(which is close to impossible). My whole body goes completely numb and I know i'm conscious but i cant move. I usually end up forcing myself to wake up and when i do i am covered in sweat and heavily breathing. So whenever this happens I try to move around in my bed (hopping this will stop any repeat of what just happened) but no, the exact same thing happens and I got to force myself up again. The only way I can stop myself from having these experiences is by going to the washroom, forcing myself to stay awake for a certain period of time, listening to music and going on my phone or anything electronic.

I just want to know what the hell is going on lol? I know what I'm experiencing is not lucid dreaming because I actually never get to a dream part, but its sure not like any of the joyous experiences anyone else claims they are having.

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby Rebecca » 05 Nov 2013 15:59

Thanks for your questions ;)

We have enough now and will start writing our separate responses.

Will post again with the feature soon!
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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby alissa » 05 Nov 2013 19:41

My question:

Which method/technique of lucid dreaming have you had the most success with?
“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” -Edgar Allan Poe

Are you dreaming?

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Out of body experience

Postby ThatGuy » 14 Nov 2013 22:52

Hi Rebecca my name is nabil . This is a really amazing website you have . Never thought i would find someone so into dreams as myself. just as far as i can remember ive been having dreams everyday well since i was about 14 really. I found it very amazing when i read in your forums that youve had lucid dreams at least 7 times in one week , needless to say probably everyday ? And speaking to your conscious . Mine has spoken to me but ive never had a face to face conversation ! Ive learned in lucid dreaming confidence is a huge issue with control , believing you can will allow you to. But to you im probably an amateur because im having problems having complete control , Like reading a book . i read somewhere and a friend told me that you cannot read in dreams because of some restarted reason . I read on your forum that that part of your brain is shutoff . Ive read things before but it takes such a large amount of focus that the dream sometimes ends if i try to hard . What have you read ? I lost interest in my dreams because i just sounded crazy around my friends talking about them when half of them dont even dream once a month . And honestly they just started to scare me , just the fact there was not a lot of research in something so ........ Odd? And for as long as i have been dreaming ive never had a out of body experience that i can remember tell recently . I know you can perceive whatever in dreams but to just fall threw my roof back into my body and wake that very moment . What are some of your views on the matter

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby JustABeginner » 19 Nov 2013 22:33

Mulitiple times i have had a false awakening, did my reality checks and became a bit lucid, but i did everything you suggested to increase my lucidity (spinning around, rubbing my hands, telling myself im in a dream..) and it didnt work :-( also, every time i have these false awakenings i seem to be trapped in my room and not be able to teleport or even leave the room... its quite annoying. So what exactly is this that im experiencing?

Sorry for the long reply its just been bothering me a lot and i have not a clue where to find the answer ;P

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